Mimo Baby vs. Sproutling

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Battle of the Smart Baby Monitors! Mimo Baby vs. Sproutling

I previously discussed the Mimo Baby Smart Monitor that monitors baby via a onesie and a smart sensor shaped like a turtle. Now let me introduce you to Sproutling. Sproutling is another wearable baby monitor, but unlike the Mimo Baby, it does not require you to keep buying larger onesies. Sproutling is a hypoallergenic wearable band that is paired with an app and measures 16 different things about the baby all in real time.

Some of the measurements include:

Room Temperature
Baby’s mood
Heart Rate
Predicting when the baby will wake
Brightness of a room
Noise level of a room




I knew about the Sproutling but did not know when it would be released so I was very excited when they opened up pre-orders about a month ago. Initially we were planning on ordering the Mimo Baby but the bracelet monitor just seems so much more economical. We ordered it the first day pre-orders started and cannot wait to see the final product. The first shipment comes out in March and our baby is due in January so there will be a few months in between where we won’t have it, but I really don’t see this as an issue as I mostly want the wearable to monitor our baby after I return to work. We will be using a Dropcam or other baby monitor in the meantime.

To find out more information or to pre-order – www.sproutling.com


I will do a full comprehensive review once baby and monitor are both here!

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